Kasbah Hnini

Kasbah Hnini is a masterpiece of restoration brought to life with the help of skilled craftsmen from the Draa Valley and Skoura, as well as the innovative ideas of the former and current owners. Kasbah Hnini is very near to our sister property, the luxurious Dar Hnini, and a great stop on route to either our Erg Chebbi or Erg Chigaga luxury desert camps.

Our Story

Kasbah Hnini was once home to a local family who lived here for many generations. As the family grew larger, the sons began to move out in search of bigger and more modern homes. They left the ksour (local villages) to move closer to transportation routes and even to distant cities. Many families in the valley subsequently followed this trend, leaving their ancestral homes behind. From the terraces of Kasbah Hnini, these abandoned ancient homes can still be seen scattered throughout the valley.

The kasbah was a place of refuge for the Chaair family approximately 150-200 years ago. However, it fell into a state of disrepair; many of the walls of this old kasbah had crumbled away over time and standing on the terrace became hazardous. In 2019 a dream was born. We had a vision to rebuild the kasbah and restore it to its former glory, to once again stand proud as it did in years gone by.

Local builders were brought in to examine the walls and structure and agreed that the kasbah could be restored using the ancient mud walls. Over time, the kasbah slowly emerged into what we see today. Many local builders and craftsmen worked for years slowly bringing the kasbah back to life. It has been a wonderful journey where we have tried to use local materials to achieve our dream, in much the same way as previous generations had done. For example, bricks have been made from mud and clay and used throughout the kasbah. In addition, wood from dead palm trees found in the oasis now feature in some of the ceilings of our suites.

A dream was born to rebuild the kasbah and restore it to its former glory

To introduce some elements of modern comfort, we created an infinity pool with breathtaking views, a lovely wild garden with a fountain and some added terraces around the kasbah.

We believe we have achieved our aim and look forward to sharing our beautifully restored Kasbah Hnini with you.

Architectural Legacy of the Kasbah

A kasbah is a type of fortress that is commonly found in Morocco. The word kasbah is derived from the Arabic term for "citadel" and refers to a fortified structure built to protect a city or town from attack. These structures are characterised by high walls and few exterior windows, and are often located on hilltops to provide a good vantage point. In the past, kasbahs were made of pisé (local mud or clay) to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

During the restoration of Kasbah Hnini, we followed traditional, tried and tested methods of construction. The windows of the kasbah are small, which is in keeping with traditional design. Similarly, the staircase is narrow, being the original staircase of the kasbah. Additionally, some of the walls are not straight, as is typical in ancient structures built by hand. These walls have been preserved and are very old. To give the kasbah its unique character, we have incorporated decorative and geometrical motifs on the exterior façade.

Infinity Pool

The kasbah's infinity pool is a true asset, offering breathtaking views of the palm groves and Jbel Kissane mountain. Located on one of the new terraces, the pool provides the perfect spot to watch the sunset. Measuring 12 metres in length and 4 metres in width, it is a great size for a relaxing dip.

Garden and Plants

The Kasbah's peaceful garden, complete with a fountain, is a tranquil oasis. It is home to a variety of plants, including roses, lavender, hibiscus, orange trees, cactuses, and date palm trees. There are plenty of secluded spots to sit and enjoy the quiet surroundings. The garden is an ideal location for intimate dinners in the evening.

Kasbah Hnini garden
Kasbah Hnini pool from the terrace
Kasbah Hnini salon
Kasbah Hnini library