The Draa Valley is a region with rich history and breathtaking landscapes that have been inhabited for centuries. It boasts more than 80 different types of palm trees and is home to traditional sub-Saharan Berber villages, as well as ancient Jewish cemeteries and ruins. Old rock engravings are also to be found here. It is a truly unique and interesting destination to visit.

Walk in the Draa Valley with a guide

The Draa oasis is part of the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve. During a guided walk, you will have the chance to visit the lush palm tree forest and learn about the invaluable cultural heritage of the Draa communities. The date palm trees in this area require very little water to thrive, yet they provide much-needed shade and humidity. The date trees can be found at the highest level, while fruit agriculture is located at the middle level, and crops such as vegetables, cereals, and aromatic plants are at the lower level. Join a guided walking tour to discover all of this and more.

Ride a donkey in the Draa Valley

Small children as well as adults have the opportunity to ride a donkey through the lush palm grove and admire its natural beauty.

Cycle in the valley or rocky deserts

At Kasbah Hnini, we offer mountain bikes for hire. You have the option to explore the valley or rocky desert on your own, or join a guided bike tour. We also organise half-day biking trips with a guide, which include a picnic lunch. Whether you prefer to go solo or join a group, we have options for you to experience the beauty of the Draa Valley on two wheels.

Visit a local rug cooperative

Just across the river in the town of Timsla, guests have the opportunity to visit a cooperative, owned and operated by women who make rugs. Join us for a refreshing glass of mint tea and watch the skilled women weavers at work. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the traditional techniques of rug making and support the local community.

Take a hammam and spa

Visit the Dar Hnini hammam (steam bath), where you can experience a traditional Moroccan scrubbing. We also offer the option to book massages for the ultimate relaxation. Our hammam is a great way to immerse yourself in Moroccan culture and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Have a picnic lunch in the valley

Enjoy a private picnic lunch under the shade of the palm trees.

Dine in the rocky desert

Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner in the arid desert with wonderful surrounding views.